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Branch: GRAILS-10448
Commits on Nov 6, 2013
  1. @jeffbrown
  2. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
  3. @jeffbrown

    Merge pull request #422 from yamkazu/GRAILS-10741

    jeffbrown authored
    GRAILS-10741 - readOnly attribute of @Resource not working
  4. @jeffbrown
  5. @yamkazu
  6. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
  7. @jeffbrown
  8. @jeffbrown
  9. @jeffbrown

    Revert "use g-d-m version 2.0.3.BUILD-SNAPSHOT"

    jeffbrown authored
    This reverts commit 6ea4108.
  10. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
  11. @graemerocher

    fix for GRAILS-10631 - this fix adds objenesis to the system classpat…

    graemerocher authored
    …h, not ideal, but since the library is self contained with no dependencies, probably not critical. A better solution is to use a child first class loader to load classes from the application first and then the parent last, but this requires much broader changes (potentially breaking) which 2.3.x is not ready for
  12. @graemerocher
  13. @graemerocher
  14. @graemerocher
  15. @graemerocher
  16. @graemerocher

    test for GRAILS-8738

    graemerocher authored
  17. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
  18. @lhotari
  19. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
  20. @jeffbrown

    GRAILS-10728 - add test

    jeffbrown authored
  21. @jeffbrown
  22. @lhotari

    GRAILS-10678 Accept Header with semicolon and missing parameters resu…

    lhotari authored
    …lts in Internal Server Error
  23. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
  24. @jeffbrown

    Partially Revert "- fixed build on windows (remove deprecated useAnt …

    jeffbrown authored
    …gradle groovy options"
    Fixing failing tests.  This reverts part of commit 7f970ef.  It isn't clear yet why this is happening but it appears to be a problem with the way that the classes are being compiled.  Pending further investigation.
  25. @jeffbrown

    GRAILS-10448 - revert Spring 4 upgrade code for now

    jeffbrown authored
    This is a temporary measure to get the Spring 4 variable out of the
    equation while build problems are being resolved.
  26. @lhotari

    GRAILS-10734 paginate tag missing namespace attribute

    lhotari authored
    - added also plugin attribute support
Commits on Nov 5, 2013
  1. @burtbeckwith

    Merge pull request #421 from zyro23/2.4-windows

    burtbeckwith authored
    make current BUILD-SNAPSHOT build and run under windows
  2. @zyro23

    - fixed build on windows (remove deprecated useAnt gradle groovy options

    zyro23 authored
    and updated jansi for compatibility with jline)
    - prevent DefaultGrailsApplication.setMainContext invoking getBean() on
    an unrefreshed context during app start
  3. @jeffbrown

    fix failing test

    jeffbrown authored
  4. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
  5. @graemerocher
  6. @graemerocher
  7. @graemerocher
  8. @graemerocher
  9. @graemerocher
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