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Commits on Mar 22, 2014
  1. @lhotari

    add circular test runtime dependency

    lhotari authored
    - DefaultGrailsApplicationAttributes has not been refactored yet
  2. @lhotari

    workaround for GROOVY-6556 bug

    lhotari authored
  3. @lhotari
  4. @lhotari

    fix grails-web-gsp build

    lhotari authored
  5. @lhotari
  6. @lhotari
  7. @lhotari
  8. @lhotari
  9. @lhotari
  10. @lhotari
  11. @lhotari

    add dependencies between submodules targeting 1. goal of just splitti…

    lhotari authored
    …ng to modules
    - all modules will still get pulled in
  12. @lhotari
  13. @lhotari
  14. @lhotari
  15. @lhotari
  16. @lhotari

    Fix GrailsApplicationAttributes instantiation in GrailsWebRequest by …

    lhotari authored
    …using improved GrailsFactoriesLoader
  17. @lhotari
  18. @lhotari
  19. @lhotari

    move back to original package

    lhotari authored
  20. @lhotari
  21. @lhotari
  22. @lhotari
  23. @lhotari

    move files to gsp module

    lhotari authored
  24. @lhotari
  25. @lhotari

    start moving jsp dependencies

    lhotari authored
  26. @lhotari

    add new submodules

    lhotari authored
  27. @jeffbrown
  28. @jeffbrown

    fix failing test

    jeffbrown authored
    The default request method for unit tests should be GET
  29. @jeffbrown

    Merge branch '2.3.x'

    jeffbrown authored
Commits on Mar 21, 2014
  1. @jeffbrown
  2. @jeffbrown
  3. @jeffbrown

    remove empty test method

    jeffbrown authored
  4. @graemerocher

    Merge pull request #467 from darxriggs/master

    graemerocher authored
    fixing copy'n'paste error from GrailsTestCompiler
  5. @graemerocher

    Merge pull request #471 from sandyridgeracer/master

    graemerocher authored
    GRAILS-8494:Adding "optionDisabled" attribute to select tag.
  6. @graemerocher

    Merge pull request #477 from candrews/watchservice

    graemerocher authored
    GRAILS-10135: DirectoryWatcher: Use Java 7's WatchService API when available
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