Integrate with Sublime Text 2 #193

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Add support for

grails integrate-with --sublimetext2

This creates a barebones Sublime Text 2 project file named ${basedir}/${grailsAppName}.sublime-project

Also, I added *.sublime-workspace to the bottom of the default .gitignore file (as it is recommended in the instructions for ST2)

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What is sublime text? Not sure this warrants going into core


It's a textmate-esque cross platform text editor

No worries if you want to drop this request though, I just found it useful to generate a project structure for myself, and thought I'd give it back :-) (we use Sublime Text 2 almost exclusively here at the moment)

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I think this is probably better provided by a plugin. Thanks anyway


With the rise of popularity in SublimeText2 any chance making this into core?


Please leave this out of core. Keep the core as thin and light as possible so that the code the code-team has to maintain is smaller, rather than larger, so that more impactful features and fixes can be the focus.


Any thoughts on reconsidering this? My shop is evaluating Grails and we have Windows/Mac/Linux users who all use the SublimeText editor.

I do agree that integration support should probably be in a plugin (or set of plugins), I'm just not sure how you extend the core integrate-with command via a plugin. If it is possible could someone provide pointers?


@nmische For what it's worth, for all but the most trivial applications, having the benefits of a full IDE is worth it in terms of productivity. Many Grails developers (myself included) use IntelliJ IDEA, since it's the most feature-rich.

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