GRAILS-6922 - In scaffolding, allow for generate-* scripts to specify a controller name for which scaffolds should be generated #26

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Thanks for all the patches! Would you mind submitting documentation patches too for new features you add? That would help ensure people know that the features are available. If you don't have time, don't worry about it.




Ooh, documentation... there is no fun there :-) I'm just kidding. Of course, I can try to do this. However, I can use some guidance in that area. For example, which section is best to describe a feature, is there any other section where it should be mentioned and similar. Maybe something about style. When finished, should I raise another JIRA issue, or append to the existing etc... And, please be aware that I'm not a native english speaker. Someone should always check what I wrote.

For this concrete issue, I will wait to see if it will be accepted of course. And for GRAILS-6584 there is an ongoing discussion about possible improvements. I can describe the current implementation for that issue, if this is ok.

Best regards,
Damir Murat

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  1. Update the docs wherever the related features are documented. So in this case, the generate-* reference sections.
  2. Don't worry too much about style - we can fix that up afterwards.
  3. No worries - it doesn't have to be perfect English. We can do some copy-editing.
  4. Patches for documentation for new features should be attached to the original feature issue. Ideally, send a pull request on the grails/grails-doc project.

Thanks again for your contributions.

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Closing outdated pull requests.

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