Grails 3.2.8

@graemerocher graemerocher released this Mar 23, 2017 · 468 commits to master since this release

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Groovy 2.4.10

This release includes Groovy 2.4.10, which has been used to build the latest version of Grails and GORM. Groovy 2.4.10 should be compatible with all existing compiled code, however some source code may need to be adjusted as static compilation is more strict in Groovy 2.4.10.

Asset Pipeline Dependency

If you get a resolve error for the org.grails.plugins:asset-pipeline you should replace it with the following dependency in build.gradle:

runtime "com.bertramlabs.plugins:asset-pipeline-grails:2.14.1"

Easily Configure the version of GORM

You can now easily configure the version of GORM to use via the gormVersion setting in For example to use GORM 6.1 RC2 simply define:


GORM Reactor Events Disabled for New Applications

New applications created with Grails 3.2.8 have autowiring of entities and reactor events disabled by default due to the performance impact these features have. You can re-enable these as needed in application.yml:

        autowire: true # enable autowiring
            events: true #enable reactor events