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@graemerocher graemerocher released this Feb 21, 2020

Release Information

Hot Reloading with JDK8

Support for spring-loaded was added back for JDK8 #11441. To enable:


dependencies {
    // Remove dev-tools from classpath
    // developmentOnly("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-devtools") 
    // Add springloaded as a jvm agent
    agent "org.springframework:springloaded:1.2.8.RELEASE"
    // (Optional) Native OSX file watcher
    runtimeOnly "io.methvin:directory-watcher:0.9.6"

NOTE: While spring-loaded continues to function - it has not been actively maintained for years.

Detect spring-dev-tools reload

A flag was added to detect if a restart was due to dev-tools or not

if (Environment.isDevtoolsRestart()) {
    println "Caused By Dev Tools Restart"
} else {
    println "Not A Dev Tools Restart"


  • Spring Boot 2.1.12
  • Update to Micronaut 1.2.9
  • Update to Spock 1.3
  • Add flag to detect when a restart is due to spring-dev-tools or not. #11454
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