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The Grails Web Application Framework
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Grails, release 1.1.2 (November, 2009)


Grails is a web application framework based on the Groovy language that endorses the DRY (don't repeat yourself) and coding-by-convention philosophies. Grails runs on the Java Virtual Machine and thus has access to the entire Java Platform.

With Grails you can easily create web applications thanks to:

- a complete development and deployment environment. All dependencies and configuration that is required to the run Grails applications in a web server are provided by Grails. The only thing you have to worry about is your application code.

- inclusion of an embedded Jetty web server

- development mode that automatically reloads changes made to application code, without having to restart the web server.

- automatic persistence mapping of domain classes with automatic relationship management.

- scaffolding on data access classes for rapid development of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.

- powerful view technology with dynamic tag libraries and support for Groovy Server Pages (GSP)


To get started follow these steps:

- create a GRAILS_HOME environment variable that points to the path of the Grails distribution (the folder contain this file).

- add the bin folder in the Grails distribution to the PATH environment variable

On a Windows computer these step are done as follows:

> set GRAILS_HOME=C:\download\grails
> echo %GRAILS_HOME%

On a Unix-like computer these steps are done as follows:

> set GRAILS_HOME=~/download/grails
> export GRAILS_HOME
> echo ${GRAILS_HOME}
> chmod a+x bin/grails
> set PATH=${GRAILS_HOME}/bin:${PATH}
> export PATH

You can now run the grails command, as follows:

> grails create-app YourProject

For more info checkout the Grails homepage at


To upgrade your existing Grails projects you must run:

grails clean
grails upgrade

...for each project.

Enjoy working with Grails.

The Grails team.
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