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Latest commit cc60cdf Nov 18, 2016 @lhotari lhotari Add dev mode feature for recording models for existing GSP pages
- this feature makes it convenient to migrate to use compile static GSPs
- usage:
  - make sure you commit any changes to vcs (git) before using the
    feature since the feature modifies GSP files directly
  - activate with '-Dgrails.views.gsp.modelrecording=true' system prop
    - can add temporarily to bootRun task's jvmArgs
  - start application
  - access the GSPs by using the application (integration tests etc.)
  - the changes will get written directly to GSP files at shutdown
    - debug info is written to System.err
  - use vcs (git) to compare the changes.

Grails GSP

This subproject is required for all Grails 3 applications and plugins that require GSP processing. If your project includes GSPs you should add the following to your build.gradle which is provided by the Grails Gradle Plugin.

apply plugin: "org.grails.grails-gsp"

It is typical of standard Grails 3 application to use this in conjunction with grails-web as in the following example:

apply plugin: "org.grails.grails-web"
apply plugin: "org.grails.grails-gsp"


To see what additional subprojects will be included with this, you can view this project's build.gradle