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Grails Roadmap

Grails 3.3 (Q2 2017)

The general roadmap for 3.3, note that some of these features will be released earlier as plugins for all version of Grails 3.x:

  • AngularJS 2.0 Static Scaffolding
  • Non-blocking, lightweight, lower memory Netty profile
  • Support for controllers, REST, persistence and Angular from previous release in the Netty profile
  • RxGORM for SQL (initial Postgres Async, RxJDBC support)
  • New Testing API based on Traits
  • GORM 6.1 - Useful GORM Services (TransactionService, TenantService, SessionService, ConnectionService), AST Transformations (@WithTenant, @WithSession, @Transactional), Improvements to Mapping DSL
  • Type checking / CompileStatic support for GSPs

Grails 3.4

  • Hadoop YARN profile
  • GORM for HBase