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[IntelliJ IDEA|] and the [JetGroovy|] plugin offer good support for Groovy and Grails developers. Refer to the section on [Groovy and Grails|] support on the JetBrains website for a feature overview.
-To integrate Grails with IntelliJ run the following command to generate appropriate project files:
+IntelliJ IDEA comes in two flavours; the open source "Community Edition" and the commercial "Ultimate Edition".
+Both offers support for Groovy, but only Ultimate Edition offers Grails support.
+With Ultimate Edition, there is no need to use the @grails integrate-with --intellij@ command, as Ultimate Edition understands Grails projects natively. Just open the project with @File -> New Project -> Create project from existing sources@.
+You can still use Community Edition for Grails development, but you will miss out on all the Grails specific features like automatic classpath management, GSP editor and quick access to Grails commands.
+To integrate Grails with Community Edition run the following command to generate appropriate project files:
grails integrate-with --intellij

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