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<title>CakeCam Documentation</title>
<h1>CakeCam Documentation</h1>
<p>This is CakeCam. CakeCam is a handy tool for sharing Cake! and left over food with the lab. Follow the simple instructions and you too can share cake.</p>
<li>Place the Cake! on the large cross on the table below the camera</li>
<li>Press the "Cake" button on the keyboard (&lt;F1&gt; key)</li>
<li>An email with the [CakeCam] in the subject line is sent to the b32-all mailing list.</li>
<h2>About CakeCam</h2>
<p>CakeCam was created by Patrick McSweeney from University of Southampton Faculty of Physical and Applied Science. The source code is open source and available from <a href=""></a>. The files for CakeCam can be found in /Users/or08/CakeCam. The project is written in Java using the OpenImaj (<a href=""></a>) library developed at the University of Southampton.</p>