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.step {
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opacity: 0.3;
<div id="impress">
<div class="step" data-x="0" data-y="0">
A framework for turn-based multiplayer games.
<div class="step" data-x="1000" data-y="0">
<li>Emem Adegbola</li>
<li>Viet Dung Cao</li>
<li>Thomas Granger</li>
<li>Nick Hollett</li>
<li>Herbie Porter</li>
<li>Daniel Stordy</li>
<div class="step" data-x="2000" data-y="-100" data-rotate="-90">
<h1>You what?</h1>
A simple layer that allows turn-based multiplayer games to be
hosted on the app engine.
<div class="step" data-x="2000" data-y="-1100" data-rotate="-90">
<h1>Really, what?</h1>
Lets developers focus on the logic and UI of the game,
leaving the data storage and transport to the framework.
We also roll in a bunch of features for free.
<div class="step" data-x="1000" data-y="-1100" data-rotate="-180">
<li>User Profiles</li>
<li>Multiple Game Management</li>
<div class="step" data-x="0" data-y="-1100" data-rotate="-180">
<h1>Sample games</h1>
<li>Number guessing</li>
<li>Naughts and Crosses</li>
<div class="step" data-x="-1000" data-y="-1100" data-rotate="-270">
<div class="step" data-x="-1000" data-y="-100" data-rotate="-270">
<div id="overview" style="z-index: -1; padding: 0;" class="step" data-x="500" data-y="-500" data-scale="3" data-rotate="-360">
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