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Commits on Jan 19, 2012
  1. @doublement

    Fixed bug with unitial placements

    doublement authored
    Players were losing the automatically assigned unit when they placed
    extra units on a territory
  2. @doublement
Commits on Jan 14, 2012
  1. restored presentation

Commits on Jan 11, 2012
  1. @niax

    Removed stordy's tags.

    niax authored
    This is annoying as hell
  2. @dstordy
  3. @dstordy

    Fixed modals in other games.

    dstordy authored
  4. @niax

    Moved conquest.js out to /static/

    niax authored
    It's with the rest of the files now
  5. @niax
  6. @dstordy
  7. @niax
  8. @niax

    Moved JS out to seperate files.

    niax authored
  9. @dstordy
  10. hidden debug code

  11. @dstordy
  12. @dstordy
  13. @dstordy

    Fixed place help button.

    dstordy authored
  14. Merge branch 'master' of authored
  15. @dstordy

    Removed caps from dice path.

    dstordy authored
  16. Changed around the layout of the map SVG. Looks a bit nicer now. authored
  17. @niax
  18. @niax

    Moved dice directory properly.

    niax authored
    I think...
  19. @niax

    Removed presentation.

    niax authored
    Is now in NH's home area. Or in previous commits.
  20. @dstordy
  21. @dstordy

    Made help buttons sane.

    dstordy authored
  22. @niax

    Copied 3rd party dependancies local.

    niax authored
    This will help for submission and means we don't end up waiting around
    for github.
  23. @doublement

    Fix to work in firefox

    doublement authored
Commits on Jan 10, 2012
  1. @doublement
  2. @doublement
  3. @dstordy
  4. @dstordy
  5. @dstordy

    Fixed fortify.

    dstordy authored
  6. @niax

    Removed original Risk implementation.

    niax authored
    We don't need it any more and can always get it back later if we need it
  7. @doublement
  8. @niax

    Added about page with impress.js

    niax authored
    Basic presentation that we can use if we want.
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