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from collections import deque
from copy import copy
from django.db.models.loading import cache
from django.template import TemplateSyntaxError
from templatetag_sugar.node import SugarNode
from six.moves import xrange
class Parser(object):
def __init__(self, syntax, function):
self.syntax = syntax
self.function = function
def __call__(self, parser, token):
# we're going to be doing pop(0) a bit, so a deque is way more
# efficient
bits = deque(token.split_contents())
# pop the name of the tag off
tag_name = bits.popleft()
pieces = []
error = False
for part in self.syntax:
result = part.parse(parser, bits)
except TemplateSyntaxError:
error = True
if result is None:
if bits or error:
raise TemplateSyntaxError("%s has the following syntax: {%% %s %s %%}" % (
" ".join(part.syntax() for part in self.syntax),
return SugarNode(pieces, self.function)
class Parsable(object):
def resolve(self, context, value):
return value
class NamedParsable(Parsable):
def __init__(self, name=None): = name
def syntax(self):
return "<%s>" %
return "<arg>"
class Constant(Parsable):
def __init__(self, text):
self.text = text
def syntax(self):
return self.text
def parse(self, parser, bits):
if not bits:
raise TemplateSyntaxError
if bits[0] == self.text:
return None
raise TemplateSyntaxError
class Variable(NamedParsable):
def parse(self, parser, bits):
bit = bits.popleft()
val = parser.compile_filter(bit)
return [(self,, val)]
def resolve(self, context, value):
return value.resolve(context)
class Name(NamedParsable):
def parse(self, parser, bits):
bit = bits.popleft()
return [(self,, bit)]
class Optional(Parsable):
def __init__(self, parts): = parts
def syntax(self):
return "[%s]" % (" ".join(part.syntax() for part in
def parse(self, parser, bits):
result = []
# we make a copy so that if part way through the optional part it
# doesn't match no changes are made
bits_copy = copy(bits)
for part in
val = part.parse(parser, bits_copy)
if val is None:
except (TemplateSyntaxError, IndexError):
return None
# however many bits we popped off our copy pop off the real one
diff = len(bits) - len(bits_copy)
for _ in xrange(diff):
return result
class Model(NamedParsable):
def parse(self, parser, bits):
bit = bits.popleft()
app, model = bit.split(".")
return [(self,, cache.get_model(app, model))]