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Maintainer (i.e., Who To Hassle If You Find Bugs)
Sergey Shepelev, temoto on Freenode,
Original Authors
* Bob Ippolito
* Donovan Preston
* AG Projects
* Chris AtLee
* R\. Tyler Ballance
* Denis Bilenko
* Mike Barton
* Patrick Carlisle
* Ben Ford
* Andrew Godwin
* Brantley Harris
* Gregory Holt
* Joe Malicki
* Chet Murthy
* Eugene Oden
* radix
* Scott Robinson
* Tavis Rudd
* Sergey Shepelev
* Chuck Thier
* Nick V
* Daniele Varrazzo
* Ryan Williams
* Geoff Salmon
Linden Lab Contributors
* John Beisley
* Tess Chu
* Nat Goodspeed
* Dave Kaprielian
* Kartic Krishnamurthy
* Bryan O'Sullivan
* Kent Quirk
* Ryan Williams
Thanks To
* AdamKG, giving the hint that invalid argument errors were introduced post-0.9.0
* Luke Tucker, bug report regarding wsgi + webob
* Taso Du Val, reproing an exception squelching bug, saving children's lives ;-)
* Luci Stanescu, for reporting twisted hub bug
* Marcus Cavanaugh, for test case code that has been incredibly useful in tracking down bugs
* Brian Brunswick, for many helpful questions and suggestions on the mailing list
* Cesar Alaniz, for uncovering bugs of great import
* the grugq, for contributing patches, suggestions, and use cases
* Ralf Schmitt, for wsgi/webob incompatibility bug report and suggested fix
* Benoit Chesneau, bug report on green.os and patch to fix it
* Slant, better iterator implementation in tpool
* Ambroff, nice pygtk hub example
* Michael Carter, websocket patch to improve location handling
* Marcin Bachry, nice repro of a bug and good diagnosis leading to the fix
* David Ziegler, reporting issue #53
* Favo Yang, twisted hub patch
* Schmir, patch that fixes readline method with chunked encoding in, advice on patcher
* Slide, for open-sourcing gogreen
* Holger Krekel, websocket example small fix
* mikepk, debugging MySQLdb/tpool issues
* Malcolm Cleaton, patch for Event exception handling
* Alexey Borzenkov, for finding and fixing issues with Windows error detection (#66, #69), reducing dependencies in zeromq hub (#71)
* Anonymous, finding and fixing error in websocket chat example (#70)
* Edward George, finding and fixing an issue in the [e]poll hubs (#74), and in convenience (#86)
* Ruijun Luo, figuring out incorrect openssl import for wrap_ssl (#73)
* rfk, patch to get green zmq to respect noblock flag.
* Soren Hansen, finding and fixing issue in subprocess (#77)
* Stefano Rivera, making tests pass in absence of postgres (#78)
* Joshua Kwan, fixing busy-wait in
* Nick Vatamaniuc, Windows SO_REUSEADDR patch (#83)
* Clay Gerrard, wsgi handle socket closed by client (#95)
* Eric Windisch, zmq getsockopt(EVENTS) wake correct threads (pull request 22)
* Raymond Lu, fixing busy-wait in
* Thomas Grainger, webcrawler example small fix, "requests" library import bug report
* Peter Portante, save syscalls in socket.dup(), environ[REMOTE_PORT] in wsgi
* Peter Skirko, fixing socket.settimeout(0) bug