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- honor 'immediate' flag to disable buffering under Windows - by Kosma Moczek
- sendpacket() support - by Kosma Moczek
- API CHANGE: require 'cnt' as first parameter to pcap.loop()
- by Bartosz Skowron
- lookupnet() support - from Joao Medeiros
- findalldevs() support - by Bartosz Skowron
- better lookupdev() on win32, as requested by Zack Payton
- add Linux SLL datalink type
- better threading support from A. Nonymous
- API CHANGE: require 'cnt' as first parameter to pcap.dispatch(),
shadowing libpcap pcap_dispatch().
- add pcap.{get,set}nonblock(), to work around broken BPF select()
on certain platforms (MacOS X, older FreeBSD, etc.).
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