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/* $Id$ */
#ifndef PCAP_EX_H
#define PCAP_EX_H
int pcap_ex_immediate(pcap_t *pcap);
char *pcap_ex_name(char *name);
char *pcap_ex_lookupdev(char *ebuf);
int pcap_ex_fileno(pcap_t *pcap);
void pcap_ex_setup(pcap_t *pcap);
void pcap_ex_setnonblock(pcap_t *pcap, int nonblock, char *ebuf);
int pcap_ex_getnonblock(pcap_t *pcap, char *ebuf);
int pcap_ex_next(pcap_t *pcap, struct pcap_pkthdr **hdr, u_char **pkt);
int pcap_ex_compile_nopcap(int snaplen, int dlt, struct bpf_program *fp,
char *str, int optimize, unsigned int netmask);
#endif /* PCAP_EX_H */
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