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Configuring Connection
grakn, workbase, workbase preferences
grakn workbase preferences, grakn workbase connection, grakn workbase manage keyspaces
Working with the preferences panel in Grakn Workbase.

Connect to Grakn

Workbase connects to a running Grakn Server and interacts with keyspaces. In this short section, we learn how to configure this connection and select a keyspace to interact with.

Start Workbase for Grakn Core

Connection [caption: We can specify the host and port when we start workbase.]

Start Workbase for Grakn KGMS [KGMS ONLY]

Connection [caption: We can specify the host, port, username and password when we start workbase.]

Configure Connection

[slide:start] [header:start][header:end] [body:start]Connection[body:end] [footer:start]If Grakn is already running, we may change the configuration by selecting the top right gear icon.[footer:end] [slide:end]

[slide:start] [body:start]Connection[body:end] [footer:start]This will show us the preferences panel where we can modify the host and port as per our custom configuration of Grakn Server[footer:end] [slide:end]

[slide:start] [header:start][header:end] [body:start]Connection[body:end] [footer:start]We may also test our connection to make sure it is valid.[footer:end] [slide:end]

Select A Keyspace

[slide:start] [body:start]Select a Keyspace[body:end] [footer:start]To select a keyspace for Workbase to connect to, we need to click on the keyspace button.[footer:end] [slide:end]

[slide:start] [body:start]Select a Keyspace[body:end] [footer:start]This shows us the list of all keyspaces running on the Grakn Server. We then select the keyspace of interest.[footer:end] [slide:end]

[slide:start] [body:start]Select a Keyspace[body:end] [footer:start]Keyspace is now connected to the selected keyspace, in our case that is named social_network.[footer:end] [slide:end]

Manage Keyspaces

[slide:start] [body:start]Select a Keyspace[body:end] [footer:start]To manage our keyspaces click on the top right gear icon to open worbase preferences.[footer:end] [slide:end]

[slide:start] [body:start]Select a Keyspace[body:end] [footer:start]The preferences will list all keyspaces. We can type a name and click on Create New Keyspace.[footer:end] [slide:end]

[slide:start] [body:start]Select a Keyspace[body:end] [footer:start]We may delete an existing keyspace by clicking the trash icon and confirming.[footer:end] [slide:end]

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