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Change log


  • add a -soundfile-static option in faust2max6
  • add a -native option to faust2msp and faust2max6
  • adding basic Teensy support to faust2api
  • new DSP algebra API
  • add an 'auto_connect' parameter in DspFaust constructor
  • add dynamic-faust tool.
  • add writeDSPFactoryToObjectcodeFile API in libfaust.
  • faust2xx scripts can now work with a local Faust installation
  • make C++ backend work in quad mode


  • remove asmjs and JS backends
  • unstable OSC bundle deactivated for now in faust2ios and faust2api
  • remove old iOS JACK code

Fixed bugs

  • correct CoreAudio architecture and JSON generation
  • correct gyroscope activation in faust2android, fix a bug in FaustPolyEngine::init
  • correct readDSPFactoryFromMachine (LLVM JIT was not properly linked)
  • update with latest version of RtMidi, more robust MIDI timestamp handling
  • correct polyphonic DSP detection in FaustPolyEngine
  • faust2ios now creates a self-contained project
  • correct -omp and -sch code generation with 'soundfile' primitive
  • correct wast and Interp/LLVM backends
  • avoid caching simple delay expressions. Can potentially create use-before-being-defined bugs in vector mode (BUG reported by JS in March 2019)
  • allow some foreign math functions in the Interp backend
  • A.Graef fix for compilation problems with gcc 8.1+ and Qt 5.10+
  • CoreAudio targets working on OS X 10.14 (correct ask the user for audio input access)
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