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ESP32 Architectures

The ESP32 is a cheap microcontroller developed and distributed by Espressif: It is used at the heart of an increasing number of boards, especially for real-time DSP applications.


faust2esp32 can be used to turn a Faust program into an DSP engine for the ESP32. While new options are being added to it, the current (and only) way to use faust2esp32 is by running:

faust2esp32 -lib FaustFile.dsp

which will generate a .zip package containing:

  • a DSP engine taking the form a C++ class (named after the name of the Faust file, so FaustFile here)
  • a C++ object to configure the potential audio codec used on your ESP32-based board (currently, only the Wolfson WM8978 used on the TTGO T-Audio board is being supported but we're in the process of adding new ones).

The architecture/esp32/drivers folder contains the documentation of each object related to specific audio codecs.


A series of tutorials demonstrating how to use faust2esp32 can be found on the Faust website:


This project is the fruit of a collaboration between Romain Michon (GRAME-CNCM, Lyon, France) and Dan Overholt (Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark).

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