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Contribution guidelines

This document sets out the methods and practices for contributing to the Guido project. Information for developers is available from the Guido web site.

How to contribute

Please use the "Pull Request" mechanism for proposing contributions to the code base. A brief overview of this process:

Fork your own copy of the guidolib to your repository and create a dedicated branch from the guidolib:dev branch for your developments. Make your changes. You can commit to your branch as many times as you like. Validate your changes (see below). When you're ready to provide your changes "upstream," you can open a pull request to the guidolib:dev branch. NB: You will want to make sure you're proposing a merge to dev and not master.

We will then review your submission. If you are asked to make changes, you can push these changes to your original branch and the pull request will be automatically updated. Once the changes have gone through our review process, we will merge your changes into our repository. You may then delete your dedicated branch.


The validation process is intended to verify that a modified library doesn't introduce undesired changes. The underlying idea is that the library output should remain the same from one version to another one. Of course and when correcting bugs or improving the graphic layout, changes may occur but must be carefully checked. See the Coding guidelines for more details.

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