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The Gram Programming Language

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Gram is a programming language for distributed systems.


Easy installation

If you are running macOS or a GNU-based Linux on an x86-64 CPU, you can install Gram with this command:

curl -LSfs | sh

The same command can be used again to update Gram to the latest version.

NOTE: Piping curl to sh is dangerous since the server might be compromised. If you're concerned about this, you can download and inspect the installation script or choose one of the other installation methods.

Customizing the installation

The installation script supports the following environment variables:

  • VERSION=x.y.z (defaults to the latest version)
  • PREFIX=/path/to/install (defaults to /usr/local/bin)

For example, the following will install Gram into the working directory:

curl -LSfs | PREFIX=. sh

Manual installation

The releases page has precompiled binaries for macOS or Linux systems running on an x86-64 CPU. You can download one of them and place it in a directory listed in your PATH.

Installation with Cargo

If you have Cargo, you can install Gram as follows:

cargo install gram

You can run that command with --force to update an existing installation.


A programming language for distributed systems.





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