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What's wrong with contentEditable

Nick Santos (medium) on "Why contentEditable is terrible"

Piotrek Koszuliński (CKEditor) on "contentEditable — the good, the bad, and the ugly"

Piotrek Koszuliński (CKEditor) on "Fixing contentEditable"

List of contentEditable browser inconsistencies by Guardian

Problematic use cases in the wild

  • Facebook implements rich editing via textarea and an overlayed element on top to visualize mentions
  • Google plus has contenteditable="plaintext-only" which seems to be completely JS-driven plain element
  • Grammarly implements grammar-correcting-underlines via textarea + element on top (reasons: contenteditable is slow to render, no way to clean markup, hard to do proper selection/annotations)
  • Quip has a hybrid editor (each paragraph is a contenteditable line; same with
  • Trix editor ignores contentEditable and maintains its own internal model (to avoid dealing with x-browser inconsistencies and complexities); same with ProseMirror

Chrome ticket on improving painting performance of contentEdtiable


Original discussion from June 2014

To make this simpler for sites, frameworks, and browsers, it makes sense to enable a new, simpler version of contentEditable that provides basic functionality only. For the sake of discussion, call it contentEditable='minimal'

Julie Parent breaking down potential contentEditable=minimal functionality:

  1. Selections: Enable selections, perform cursor movement, scoping the boundaries on which the selection can operate.
  2. Input: Perform dom modifications, dispatch events, not limited to keyboard input, also includes IME, paste, drop, etc.
  3. Spell check: Enable spell check, modify the dom (or dispatch an event) when the user selects a replacement
  4. Formatting magic: bold when the user hits control + b, change directionality on Ctrl+LeftShift , etc.

Where do we draw the line with cE=minimal? Only 1 or 1+2? Should cE=minimal modify DOM? Opinions divided in two. Some say that DOM mutation is a can of worms that shouldn't be opened (instead allowing user to change it programmatically). Others say that cE=minimal will be useless without some sort of automatic text modification.

W3C ticket on contentEditable=plaintext

Piotr Koszuliński on current progress with contentEditable=minimal

Light at the end of a tunnel?

The Editing Task Force

What about this kind of tiered solution?

contentEditable value Fires events Draws cursor Mutates DOM Formatting
minimal yes no no no
minimal-with-cursor yes yes no no
minimal-with-mutation yes yes yes no
true yes yes yes yes