FlexMDE 2015 demo
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FlexMDE @ MoDELS 2015 demo

  • Author: Vadim Zaytsev aka @grammarware
  • Title: Defining, Composing and Managing Flexible Linguistic Commitments in Rascal
  • Abstract: Beside strict linguistic commitments of models to metamodels, documents to schemata, programs to grammars and activities to protocols, we often require or crave more flexible commitments to extensions, restrictions and revisions of the original intended language. While the corresponding FlexMDE paper (“Taxonomy of Flexible Linguistic Commitments”) introduces many definitions and positions them against one another, in this demo session will walk down a simple example of a language (and ADT) that gets violated in various subtle ways by functions dealing with it — yet with a possibility of creating safe compositions of such flexibly committed functions. The base metaprogramming language for this demo will be Rascal; if you want to run the demo on your own machine, please install the corresponding Eclipse plugin and clone this repo.
  • Date: 29 September 2015, 16:15–16:30