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Pick the Pickle, a game about catching pickles.
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Pick the Pickle is a game about catching pickles and not getting stabbed in the jar by knives.

This is a quick C++ rewrite of, and it's definitely full of bugs and stuff.

Unless otherwise noted, everything is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE. Fonts in fonts/ are released under the SIL Open Font License. See fonts/OFL.txt.


The objective is to fill the jars with pickles before they're broken by the falling knives. Why are there falling knives? I don't know, why are there falling pickles?

See INSTALL for installation details.


Pick the Pickle is an exercise in a few things:

  • Making a game. I'd never really done that before, and I certainly hadn't done any graphics programming. I got started with this Python OpenGL tutorial.
  • Releasing something. I wanted to make something to put out into the world.
  • Not being "done" with something. Too many of my projects are gathering dust because I don't want people to see them before they've reached the impossible "done" state.



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