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+# Why, for goodness sakes, why?!?
+By default, javascript keeps you pretty tied down security wise. You can only
+send XHR requests to the same domain. And, of course, the port is part of what
+is thought of as the "domain" (eg. is a separate domain
+from With the advent of services everywhere, it has
+become more and more important to be able to pass data from one domain to
+another. Not only do you not want to see that data but it doesn't make sense to
+have an extra request hitting your server just to proxy it on back to the
+service that you're using.
+There are many different ways to do cross-domain communication in javascript
+but they all have tradeoffs unfortunately:
+- JSONP - This adds `<script src=""></script>` to your web
+ page. When the server receives this, it will write you back a script along
+ the lines of `foo({ data: "my response" })`. On the plus side, this is pretty
+ easy from both the client (there's great support in jquery) and the
+ server. Unfortunately, you don't get any real information on errors that
+ occur to the request and you're limited to GET requests. Since GET requests
+ are limited to about 2k, this ends up being very limiting for any large
+ requests.
+- Access-Control - Modern browsers add an Access-Control header to XHR
+ requests. If the server responds in kind, your request is allowed
+ through. Just like JSONP, this is really easy on the client
+ side. Unfortunately, IE6/7 are completely unsupported and IE8 needs a bunch
+ of special treatment that isn't implemented in common libraries. It also
+ requires some header hackery that isn't the easiest thing in the world.
+- Flash/Silverlight - These are probably the easiest of all
+ (unfortunately). You can just put a crossdomain.xml file at the remote
+ server's root and you're good to go. The obvious drawbacks however, are that
+ you now are requiring the use of flash or sliverlight for simple
+ client/server communication.

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