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NOTE: The GrAMPS core has moved to
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NOTE: The GrAMPS core has been updated to support all server implementations supported by Apollo Server, plus extra tools to make it usable with other GraphQL frameworks. To reflect its flexibility, GrAMPS has been moved to

GrAMPS · An easier way to manage the data sources powering your GraphQL server

GrAMPS GraphQL Middleware for Apollo Express Server

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An easier way to manage the data sources powering your GraphQL server.

GrAMPS (short for GraphQL Apollo Microservice Pattern Server) is middleware designed for apollo-server-express that allows independent data sources — a schema, resolvers, and data access model — to be composed into a single GraphQL schema, while keeping the code within each data source isolated, independently testable, and completely decoupled from the rest of your application.

Developer Quickstart

See the 5-minute quickstart in our documentation.

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