A "central" place for everyone to work on the concept for Grand Decentral.
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Grand Decentral Station — Concept

This is the public repository to write, extend and discuss the concept for Grand Decentral Station.

You can find more about the current state of the idea on http://decentralize.it

  • Follow Grand Decentral on Twitter for updates: @grand_decentral
  • Propose new ideas inside the issues
  • Chat with us inside our IRC channel: #decentralize on Freenode

The idea

Grand Decentral Station is a open-source server operating system, based on Linux, running a set of predefined software in order to build a common platform for self-hosted, distributed applications and services for the web.

Grand Decentral Station aims at a very broad target group. It aims for perfection in design and user interaction for the system and installed applications that makes it an competitive alternative for closed, hosted services. It's pretty optimistic but possible.

About the concept process

Every major part of the concept gets its own markdown file. i.e.

  • branding.md
  • architecture.md
  • apps.md


Everyone is invited to fork this repository and work on all parts you feel you have something to contribute to.

So far there's no fixed structure for those markdown files. If necessary we can agree to a structure later in the process. Just try to keep it readable for everyone.


The idea for this concept is based on an article by Bastian Allgeier written for The Nitty Gritty in January 2013: http://thenittygritty.co/the-future-of-the-web-a-draft

Bastian gave a more detailed talk about this at border:none in October 2013: http://lanyrd.com/2013/border-none/scpxbw/


This concept is being released under the MIT license. http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php MIT License

If you have a better idea for a more suitable license, please let me know: mail@bastianallgeier.com


For a full list of contributors, check out the contributors.md. Please add yourself!