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Scripts for the GRAND hands-on session at DunHuang 2019 workshop
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Hands-on session

27th of April 2019, Dunhuang, Gansu, China

General presentation

Refer to this document for a quick overview on the Hands-on session.

Item 1: GRAND intro

Introduction to Python

The GRAND software uses Python 3.7, the current head. See here for installation instructions.

Using the GRAND package manager

The GRAND package manager allows to create and manage Python packages in a standardised way. Instructions can be found here for installation instructions.

Item 2: Radio simulations for GRAND


To be completed.


The grand-radiomorphing package includes a short user guide and an example. The instructions how to run it can be found here, details on the methods itself in arXiv:1811.01750. Since the package is always under developement, please check out the most recent version of the code and the guide.

Item 3: GRAND scripts

Antenna response

Refer to this document.

Angular reconstruction

To be completed.

Item 4: C tools for simulations in GRAND

To be completed.

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