Simple starter project for GRANDstack full stack apps
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GRANDstack Starter

This project is a starter for building a GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database) application. There are two components to the starter, the UI application (a React app) and the API app (GraphQL server).

Hands On With The GRANDstack Starter


Docker Compose

To use docker-compose to quickly start please make the following changes



Now you can quickly start via:

docker-compose up -d

If you want to load the example DB after the services have been started:

docker-compose run api npm run seedDb


You need a Neo4j instance, e.g. a Neo4j Sandbox, a local instance via Neo4j Desktop, Docker or a Neo4j instance on AWS, Azure or GCP or Neo4j Cloud

For schemas using the @cypher directive (as in this repo) via neo4j-graphql-js, you need to have the APOC library installed, which should be automatic in Sandbox, Cloud and is a single click install in Neo4j Desktop. If when using the Sandbox / cloud you encounter an issue where an error similar to Can not be converted to long: org.neo4j.kernel.impl.core.NodeProxy, Location: [object Object], Path: users appears in the console when running the React app, try installing and using Neo4j locally instead.

Sandbox setup

A good tutorial can be found here:

Local setup

  1. Download Neo4j Desktop
  2. Install and open Neo4j Desktop.
  3. Create a new DB by clicking "New Graph", and clicking "create local graph".
  4. Set password to "letmein" (as suggested by api/.env), and click "Create".
  5. Make sure that the default credentials in api/.env are used. Leave them as follows: NEO4J_URI=bolt://localhost:7687 NEO4J_USER=neo4j NEO4J_PASSWORD=letmein
  6. Click "Manage".
  7. Click "Plugins".
  8. Find "APOC" and click "Install".
  9. Click the "play" button at the top of left the screen, which should start the server. (screenshot 2)
  10. Wait until it says "RUNNING".
  11. Proceed forward with the rest of the tutorial.


Install dependencies

(cd ./ui && npm install)
(cd ./api && npm install)

Start API server

cd ./api && npm start


This will start the GraphQL API in the foreground, so in another terminal session start the UI development server:

Start UI server

cd ./ui && npm start

See the project releases for the changelog.

This project is licensed under the Apache License v2. Copyright (c) 2018 Neo4j, Inc.