A set of classes for iOS including network requests for uploading and downloading large (and small) files, a manager for queuing requests and indicating the newtwork status as well as some other usefull classes for communicating with a server.
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GCNetworkRequestQueue and GCNetworkRequestOperation various fixes.



GCNetworkKit is a helpful set of classes for interacting with a http server. All classes make use of ARC. In order to use it you need to drag the folder into your xcode project. You also need to add the MobileCoreServices and the SystemConfiguration framework to your project.


GCNetworkKit is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.



In this file you can find several methods to transform response data to something useful.

  • JSON to NSObject
  • NSData to NSString
  • ...


Subclass it to have a foundation for a client based wrapper of an http server. You get a network queue, fast request creation methods and much more.


This class notifies you about connection changes.


This is a NSOperation wrapper for GCNetworkRequest.


This is NSOperationQueue wrapper for network requests.


The base network request including:

  • ability to keep connection to the server when app enters background
  • block based callback functions
  • network activity indicator handling
  • ...


Perfect for downloading large files as they don't get cached in memory. This class directly writes downloaded data to disk and deletes it once the callback function is finished.


Perfect for uploading big files as it makes use of an input and output stream.


This is subclass of GCNetworkRequest for downloading images.