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The Network of Intellectual Cooperation

Martin Grandjean University of Lausanne



Source files of a network analysis based on the archives of the League of Nations' International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation (ICIC) between 1919 and 1927. These data are made public and available to the community for testing, further analysis, or simply as a training data set.

To cite this data set:

GRANDJEAN Martin (2018). The Network of Intellectual Cooperation, Data set, DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1257287

To cite the thesis:

GRANDJEAN Martin (2018). Les réseaux de la coopération intellectuelle, la Société des Nations comme actrice des échanges scientifiques et culturels dans l'entre-deux-guerres, Université de Lausanne, Lausanne, 600p. [PDF here]

1-mode data

1-mode network

> FILE 1 EDGES : CSV file containing 26.5K lines (source, target, type, weight)

> FILE 2 NODES : CSV file containing 3.2K lines (id, name, first name, affiliation, gender, indexations)

> FILE 3 METRICS : PDF file containing 2.8K lines (indexations, degree, weighted degree, closeness, betweenness, eigenvector) Also available as a CSV

Multilayer data

1-mode network

This additional dataset is built on the previous one by adding level 1 nodes (organizations), level 2 nodes (top organizations), internal edges in these layers (with a weight >1 to be more visible) and affiliation edges between the layers.

> FILE 4 EDGES : XLSX file containing 29.8K lines (source, target, type, weight, level)

> FILE 5 NODES : XLSX file containing 3.2K lines (id, name, first name, affiliation, gender, indexations, level name, level number)

The proposed visualization has been produced with the Network Splitter 3D Gephi plugin.

Interactive 1-mode network

Here's an interactive version of the network of the archives of the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation (1919-1927), made with the Sigmajs plugin for Gephi.

> GRAPH Interactive version of the graph (Beta): []

intellectual cooperation


The data is shared under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 License. Note that SigmaJS is distributed under the MIT License.

Other publications

Papers using this data set :

GRANDJEAN Martin (2019). Analyzing and Visualizing the Complexity and Multidimensionality of an Historical Network, DARIAH-CH. PDF

GRANDJEAN Martin (2018). Towards the Formalization of Metadata Network Analysis in History: a Complex and Multidimensional Case Study, DARIAH-CH. PDF

GRANDJEAN Martin (2017). Analisi e visualizzazioni delle reti in storia : l'esempio della cooperazione intellettuale della Società delle Nazioni, Memoria e Ricerca, 25, 2, 371-393. DOI 10.14647/87204 / PDF in french / Summary

GRANDJEAN Martin (2017). Multimode and Multilevel: Vertical Dimension in Historical and Literary Networks, Digital Humanities 2017. PDF

GRANDJEAN Martin (2016). Archives Distant Reading: Mapping the Activity of the League of Nations' Intellectual Cooperation, Digital Humanities 2016, 531-534. PDF

GRANDJEAN Martin (2016). Social Network Analysis of the League of Nations' Intellectual Cooperation, an Historical Distant Reading, Digital Humanities Benelux 2016. PDF

GRANDJEAN Martin (2015). Introduction à la visualisation de données : l'analyse de réseau en histoire, Geschichte und Informatik, 18/19, 109-128. PDF

GRANDJEAN Martin (2014). La connaissance est un réseau : perspective sur l'organisation archivistique et encyclopédique, Les Cahiers du Numérique, 10, 3, 37-54. DOI 10.3166/lcn.10.3.37-54 / PDF