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@PatrykPorabik PatrykPorabik released this Feb 27, 2018 · 2144 commits to develop since this release

Reservation System

GrandNode works perfect for businesses that accept bookings in daily, nightly or hourly allotments. We've created a powerful reservation system, which can be used successfully in industries like:

Tours - Sightseeing sessions

Activities - Adventure trips

Rentals - Equipment or transport

Accomodation - Resorts, Inn, Campgrounds

If your customer is looking for the complete e-commerce sofware with booking system, here is the solution!

More details are available in the features description.

Auctions System

From the GrandNode 4.10 you are able to create an auction. Set the start price, specify if users can buy now your product or not and start selling! You will see all bids, customers will see all auction ongoing or ended. It gives you a huge possibilities in creating a powerful marketplace or websites like Allegro or eBay.

In the My Account section you are able to browse your bids, ended or ongoing auctions.

Bundled Products (Product Kits)

Bundled products are the latest product management change in GrandNode 4.10. We've created a product type "Bundled" for product bundled packs. For example if you want to sell a Playstation 4 Package with console, gamepags, camera and games, it's not a problem for GrandNode. Let's look at the example below:

Blog on homepage

We are convinced that the blog is one of the most important feature available on the homepage. In the content marketing era, it's a must have section of your online store. We knew that the news are available, but the news are the most wanted section now.

Basically, you can show blog on homepage, specify how many items it should have and specify how many characters homepage text should contain.

Possibility to install GrandNode on Docker

Rest of changes:

  • Change the way of importing manufacturers and categories
  • Update default theme from alpha to beta version of Bootstrap
  • Qty on catalog pages
  • Create new tokens for vendors in message templates
  • Addresses fields on vendors account
  • Added popper.js to the view of install and upgrade
  • Update library EPPlus
  • New popup after adding a product to cart/wishlist
  • Improvment scheduled tasks - you can set on which machine the task should be run
  • Add Data Protection
  • Added new settings PreventHostingStartupKey - Prevent Hosting Startup
    (Prevents the automatic loading of hosting startup assemblies, including hosting startup assemblies configured by the app's assembly)
  • Changed the type of decimal for serialization
  • Possibility to change stores with the same URL
  • Allow user to select store
  • Add setting - Cart shared between stores
  • Support virtual directory in RoxyFileman
  • Implemented show category list in the search box
  • Individual Customer Prices for Customer Role in Product Attributes Combination
  • Added new field - Catalog price/ suggested retail price
  • Product - Added new field "External Id" for programmers to integration with external systems
  • Added "Host" directive to robots.txt
  • Added PublicAntiForgery to the Login method
  • Added new field to the product attribute combination - text field
  • Removed unnecessary fields - paypal
  • Updated address - update billing or shipping default address on customer
  • Further changes - shopping cart / bootstrap 4.0

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with rounding while store has many currencies
  • Fixed problem with Camel Case content folder
  • Fixed problem with importing manufacturers
  • Fixed - Uppercase (Install, upgrade view)
  • Fixed - Missing hints in admin panel
  • Added popper.js to the view of install and upgrade
  • Removed external association on the customer info tab
  • Fixed problem with non-ASCII chars in URL
  • Fixed problem with generic attributes per store
  • Fixed problem with pagination in customer tags
  • Fixed problem with PayPal
  • Fixed problem with serializer datetime
  • Fixed problem with Login (after application restart)
  • Fixed problem with rounding while store has many currencies
  • Fixed problem with show logo on Plugin list (MacOS)
  • Fixed problem - checkout page (step number)
  • Fixed show home page polls (already voted)
  • Fixed problem - Birthday reminder
  • Fixed problem JavaScript/CSS bundling and minification for linux
  • Fixed bug - show error if required selected product attributes are missing
  • Fixed View in admin panel (Queued email)
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