@PatrykPorabik PatrykPorabik released this Aug 21, 2018 · 2 commits to Release-4.20.01 since this release

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Improved performance and reducing used memory by application

New version of GrandNode comes with the reduced used memory by application. As you may noticed, after .NET Core implementation, application consumed a very large amount of memory, inadequate to the actual consumption. After analysis, we found an effective solution to the problem. The implemented changes have reduced the amount of used memory to ~ 200mb, which means more than 50% reductions in the resources used. From the point of view of our users and programmers, due to reducing the memory used, the cost of maintaining the application on the server will drop significantly.

Minor fixes and improvements:

  • Extend repository mongodb - added async methods
  • Minor changes - renamed class
  • Minor enhancements - used attribute [FromService] in Controllers
  • Refactoring ShippingCartController/ProductController moved methods Add to cart to the new controller
  • Fix controller inheritance
  • Fixed problem with changing picture for selected attribute
  • Minor improvements (MongodbRepository)
  • Minor improvements - external authentication
  • Minor improvements - performance (changes in boot user-agent)
  • Encryption password (format hash) for login external
  • Fixed passing additional data to ViewComponent
  • Fixed problem wih Kendo grid and decimal type
  • Changed knowledgebase category display order
  • Minor improvements - admin panel - refresh plugins and restart application