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About DimensionDoor

Based on the idea that the best plugin do one job and do it very well, DimensionDoor was born. DimensionDoor is a lightweight but powerful solution to managing multiple worlds, with full permissions support and is simple to configure.

You can read examples on how to use the plugin which include creating worlds, deleting worlds and setting up the isolated chat feature.


  • New! Set difficulty per world.
  • New! Set game mode per world.
  • Custom chunk generator support!
  • Lightweight: only manages worlds.
  • Create and remove worlds without restarting the server.
  • Create worlds using either a number or a word for your seed.
  • World specific chat.
  • Supports skylands and nether worlds.
  • Use any Environment type that Bukkit supports
  • Teleport to any world.
  • Change the spawn location of each world
  • Players respawn in the world they died in.
  • Set world specific settings.
  • Automatically manages worlds which are loaded unexpectedly by other plugins.
  • Automatically loads all managed worlds on server start.
  • Uses Bukkit persistence for data storage; you choose what is best for you!
  • Supports permissions if available (falls back to OP only without)
  • Simple. Nothing to setup, just put the .jar in your plugin directory.



Latest version

You can download the latest version of DimensionDoor by using the link above. It symbolically links the current version so you can always be sure this one is the current version. Because it will never change you can also use it for things like CraftBukkitUpToDate.

Older versions

If for any reason you need to use a older version you can look through the directory above for the version you want. If you have to do this let me know why in the issues part of GitHub. I will not be able to offer support for anything other than the current stable release of DimensionDoor.