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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This is a python port of "Goose" orignialy licensed to
under one or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
distributed with this work for additional information
regarding copyright ownership.
Python port was written by Xavier Grangier for Recrutae licenses this file
to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance
with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
import os
import glob
from copy import deepcopy
from goose.article import Article
from goose.utils import URLHelper, RawHelper
from goose.extractors.content import StandardContentExtractor
from goose.extractors.videos import VideoExtractor
from goose.extractors.title import TitleExtractor
from goose.extractors.images import ImageExtractor
from goose.extractors.links import LinksExtractor
from goose.extractors.tweets import TweetsExtractor
from goose.extractors.authors import AuthorsExtractor
from goose.extractors.tags import TagsExtractor
from goose.extractors.opengraph import OpenGraphExtractor
from goose.extractors.publishdate import PublishDateExtractor
from goose.extractors.metas import MetasExtractor
from goose.cleaners import StandardDocumentCleaner
from goose.outputformatters import StandardOutputFormatter
from import HtmlFetcher
class CrawlCandidate(object):
def __init__(self, config, url, raw_html):
self.config = config
# parser
self.parser = self.config.get_parser()
self.url = url
self.raw_html = raw_html
class Crawler(object):
def __init__(self, config):
# config
self.config = config
# parser
self.parser = self.config.get_parser()
# article
self.article = Article()
# init the extractor
self.extractor = self.get_extractor()
# init the document cleaner
self.cleaner = self.get_cleaner()
# init the output formatter
self.formatter = self.get_formatter()
# metas extractor
self.metas_extractor = self.get_metas_extractor()
# publishdate extractor
self.publishdate_extractor = self.get_publishdate_extractor()
# opengraph extractor
self.opengraph_extractor = self.get_opengraph_extractor()
# tags extractor
self.tags_extractor = self.get_tags_extractor()
# authors extractor
self.authors_extractor = self.get_authors_extractor()
# tweets extractor
self.tweets_extractor = self.get_tweets_extractor()
# links extractor
self.links_extractor = self.get_links_extractor()
# video extractor
self.video_extractor = self.get_video_extractor()
# title extractor
self.title_extractor = self.get_title_extractor()
# image extrator
self.image_extractor = self.get_image_extractor()
# html fetcher
self.htmlfetcher = HtmlFetcher(self.config)
# TODO : log prefix
self.logPrefix = "crawler:"
def crawl(self, crawl_candidate):
# parser candidate
parse_candidate = self.get_parse_candidate(crawl_candidate)
# raw html
raw_html = self.get_html(crawl_candidate, parse_candidate)
if raw_html is None:
return self.article
# create document
doc = self.get_document(raw_html)
# article
self.article.final_url = parse_candidate.url
self.article.link_hash = parse_candidate.link_hash
self.article.raw_html = raw_html
self.article.doc = doc
self.article.raw_doc = deepcopy(doc)
# open graph
self.article.opengraph = self.opengraph_extractor.extract()
# publishdate
self.article.publish_date = self.publishdate_extractor.extract()
# meta
metas = self.metas_extractor.extract()
self.article.meta_lang = metas['lang']
self.article.meta_favicon = metas['favicon']
self.article.meta_description = metas['description']
self.article.meta_keywords = metas['keywords']
self.article.canonical_link = metas['canonical']
self.article.domain = metas['domain']
# tags
self.article.tags = self.tags_extractor.extract()
# authors
self.article.authors = self.authors_extractor.extract()
# title
self.article.title = self.title_extractor.extract()
# check for known node as content body
# if we find one force the article.doc to be the found node
# this will prevent the cleaner to remove unwanted text content
article_body = self.extractor.get_known_article_tags()
if article_body is not None:
self.article.doc = article_body
# before we do any calcs on the body itself let's clean up the document
self.article.doc = self.cleaner.clean()
# big stuff
self.article.top_node = self.extractor.calculate_best_node()
# if we have a top node
# let's process it
if self.article.top_node is not None:
# article links
self.article.links = self.links_extractor.extract()
# tweets
self.article.tweets = self.tweets_extractor.extract()
# video handling
# image handling
if self.config.enable_image_fetching:
# post cleanup
self.article.top_node = self.extractor.post_cleanup()
# clean_text
self.article.cleaned_text = self.formatter.get_formatted_text()
# cleanup tmp file
# return the article
return self.article
def get_parse_candidate(self, crawl_candidate):
if crawl_candidate.raw_html:
return RawHelper.get_parsing_candidate(crawl_candidate.url, crawl_candidate.raw_html)
return URLHelper.get_parsing_candidate(crawl_candidate.url)
def get_image(self):
doc = self.article.raw_doc
top_node = self.article.top_node
self.article.top_image = self.image_extractor.get_best_image(doc, top_node)
def get_html(self, crawl_candidate, parsing_candidate):
# we got a raw_tml
# no need to fetch remote content
if crawl_candidate.raw_html:
return crawl_candidate.raw_html
# fetch HTML
html = self.htmlfetcher.get_html(parsing_candidate.url)
'request': self.htmlfetcher.request,
'result': self.htmlfetcher.result,
return html
def get_metas_extractor(self):
return MetasExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_publishdate_extractor(self):
return PublishDateExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_opengraph_extractor(self):
return OpenGraphExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_tags_extractor(self):
return TagsExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_authors_extractor(self):
return AuthorsExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_tweets_extractor(self):
return TweetsExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_links_extractor(self):
return LinksExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_title_extractor(self):
return TitleExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_image_extractor(self):
return ImageExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_video_extractor(self):
return VideoExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def get_formatter(self):
return StandardOutputFormatter(self.config, self.article)
def get_cleaner(self):
return StandardDocumentCleaner(self.config, self.article)
def get_document(self, raw_html):
doc = self.parser.fromstring(raw_html)
return doc
def get_extractor(self):
return StandardContentExtractor(self.config, self.article)
def relase_resources(self):
path = os.path.join(self.config.local_storage_path, '%s_*' % self.article.link_hash)
for fname in glob.glob(path):
except OSError:
# TODO better log handeling