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Dining philosophers task using combinatorial STM built on top of Free monad
C++ QMake Prolog
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Philosophers, C++ STM version

This is a showcase project of functional design and functional programming in C++.

Philosophers task is solved using custom combinatorial monadic STM library.


Run in the project dir:

git clone --branch v0.5 ./lib/cpp_stm

Then build with Qt.


  • GCC 7.2

See also: Monadic C++ STM

Working library for Software Transactional Memory that is built using several FP techniques.

  • STM is monadic and combinatorial
  • It is very robust due to purely functional design
  • It is built on top of the custom Free monad
  • It operates by custom ADTs
  • It is usable despite it's experimental.

See also: STM samples

More samples of cpp_stm_free usage.

See also: Amber

Showcase of functional declarative design in C++.

Game about Amber from The Chronicles of Amber.

See also: CMLife

CMLife - another showcase of functional declarative design in C++.

Parallel celullar automata built on top of comonads and std::future used as monad.

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