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# Modules
browserify = require 'gulp-browserify'
clean = require 'gulp-clean'
coffee = require 'gulp-coffee'
coffeelint = require 'gulp-coffeelint'
imagemin = require 'gulp-imagemin'
gulp = require 'gulp'
gutil = require 'gulp-util'
plumber = require 'gulp-plumber'
pngcrush = require 'imagemin-pngcrush'
prefix = require 'gulp-autoprefixer'
stylus = require 'gulp-stylus'
uglify = require 'gulp-uglify'
watch = require 'gulp-watch'
minify = require 'gulp-minify-css'
# File path config
src =
coffee: [
coffee_index: 'client/coffee/'
stylus: 'client/stylus/**/*.styl'
stylus_index: 'client/stylus/pages/*.styl'
images: 'client/images/*'
dest =
css: 'client_build/css/pages/'
coffee: 'client_build/js/'
images: 'client_build/images/'
# Tasks
gulp.task 'coffee', ->
# Lint
console.log '\nLinting coffeescript...\n'
.pipe coffeelint()
.pipe coffeelint.reporter()
# Browserify
gulp.src src.coffee_index
# .pipe plumber()
.pipe coffee().on 'error', gutil.log
.pipe browserify()
.pipe uglify()
.pipe gulp.dest
gulp.task 'stylus', ->
gulp.src src.stylus_index
.pipe stylus()
.pipe prefix()
.pipe minify()
.pipe gulp.dest dest.css
gulp.task 'images', ->
gulp.src src.images
.pipe imagemin
progressive: true
svgoPlugins: [removeViewBox: false]
use: [pngcrush()]
.pipe gulp.dest dest.images
gulp.task 'clean', ->
filesToClean = [
dest.css + '*.css' + '*.js'
dest.images + '*'
gulp.src filesToClean, read: false
.pipe clean()
gulp.task 'watch', ->
# Build, ['coffee'] src.stylus, ['stylus'] src.images, ['images']
gulp.task 'default', ['stylus', 'coffee', 'images', 'watch']