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Taco Bell Scrape.ipynb

Web Scraping Using Beautiful Soup, Pandas and Requests.

This repo contains the code that was developed to scrape a web site using Beautiful Soup, Pandas and Requests.

The YouTube video that was made is here

  • Webpage contains content inserted between tags (HTML tags and/or CSS)

  • Tags on a webpage can be nested (i.e., one tag can contain one or more tags that contain more data)

  • BeautifulSoup allows you to search for tags within HTML code and return the values back to you in the form of a list.

  • Use your knowledge of HTML and the Inspector to find the content on the page that you are interested in. Think of it as going fishing or seaching for something.

  • Scripts are fragile since the structure of the page is fragile. Scripts need to be developed at the time that they are needed.

  • The scraping proccess is very analytical and requires trial-and-error to get what you need.
    You need to test, debug on the fly.

  • It is best to store the data you get from scraping a page in a database or CSV file since you went through all of the work to scrape the page.

  • Know what you want before starting.