Laspy is a pythonic interface for reading/modifying/creating .LAS LIDAR files matching specification 1.0-1.4.
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Laspy is a python library for reading, modifying and creating LAS LiDAR files.

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Laspy is a pythonic library for reading, modifying and writing LAS files. Support for LAZ is limited to reading LAS version 1.0-1.3 files. Laspy is compatible with Python 2.6+ and 3.5+.

Laspy includes a set of command line tools which can be used to do basic file operations like format translation and validation as well as comparing LAS files.


A simple example to show the basics of Laspy. Here we create an output file that only consists of terrain points from the input file:

from laspy.file import File
import numpy as np

inFile = File('/path/to/file.las', mode='r')

I = inFile.Classification == 2

outFile = File('/path/to/output.las', mode='w', header=inFile.header)
outFile.points = inFile.points[I]

API Documentation and tutorials are available at PythonHosted.


Laspy can be installed either with pip:

pip install laspy

or by running the setup script included in the source distribution:

python build
python install

You may need to run these commands as root/administrator.

Laspy is only dependent on numpy and should therefore work on Linux, OS X and Windows as long as a working installation of numpy is available.


Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.0

  • Improved memory handling in base.FileManager (#48)
  • Introduced r- file mode, that only reads the header of as LAS file (#48)
  • LAS v. 1.4 bug fixes (#55)
  • Python 3 support (#62)