A micropub client to post photo galleries to your indieweb site
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Photo Postr


This is a micropub client for posting photo galleries / albums to your indieweb website.


  • Upload photos in the background
  • Extracts photo filename, date and location from EXIF data
  • Drag and drop to reorder your gallery
  • Posts photos to your media endpoint
  • Photos have their own posts with the properties; name, published, content & location
  • Gallery posts have the properties; name, mp-slug & content


There are a few requirements for you to use the app:

  • A micropub endpoint that supports json posts
  • A media endpoint
  • Collection support

Since at the moment this is a very new thing to micropub the gallery request is sent with the collection of photo urls both as a collection property and as children:

{ "type": ["h-entry"], "properties": { "category": ["gallery"], "collection": ["https://yoursite.com/photopost1", "https://yoursite.com/photopost2"] }, "children": ["https://yoursite.com/photopost1", "https://yoursite.com/photopost2"] }

There is also no set way to hide the individual photo posts from your main feed, so the category gallery-photo is added to the photo posts and you may hide them if you wish.


This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

To run it locally clone this repo then run npm install and npm run start

There is also a server component that just runs a simple json api to circumvent CORS issues. Feel free to use the live server for development purposes, it does not store any data apart from the photo files which are automatically deleted.