This is the repository for my Unity project, "The Mine"
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This is the repository for my Unity project, "The Mine." This was designed, developed, and composed by Grant Hoechst.

Please feel free to check out the Builds folder to download the demo for macOS and for Windows. You can also download the entire Unity project to see how it all works behind the scenes.

Move around with the WASD keys or arrow keys, and look about with your mouse. Best experienced with headphones!

Some cool features

Dynamic Audio

Upon entering the Mine, a trigger-based score takes over. The soundtrack is cued to certain trigger points throughout the level, ensuring a cinematic experience as the player moves through the space. Also be on the lookout for the "mysterious" section with a different flavor of audio.

Navigational Lighting

I'm still getting the hang of properly lighting spaces, especially dark ones like this. I used point lights to guide the player through the tunnels, as well as to give the Mine a very particular feel.

Hope you enjoy!