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Revision history for App-BCVI
3.03 2010-09-07
- make the wrap_ssh() method more overridable (feature request from
Andrew Ruthven)
3.02 2010-06-05
- allow optional arguments on 'dispatch_to' options
- list installed plugins in --help
- add --plugin-help option
3.01 2010-06-05
- Fix bug where remote username was not being propagated to $BCVI_CONF
(bug report from Douglas Wilson)
3.00 2010-06-03
First version, uploaded to CPAN
Complete rewrite to support plugin API
2.xx ????-??-??
Numerous unreleased versions added support for:
* authentication via shared secrets
* additional backchannel commands
* automated installation
* improved reliability
1.00 2007-04-23
First version published on PerlMonks
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