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Revision history for App-BCVI-InstallManager
+1.01 2010-06-05
+ - add sub option to list installed hosts
+ - add sub option to remove host from list
1.00 2010-06-03
First version, uploaded to CPAN
@@ -165,6 +165,14 @@ The plugin also adds the C<--update-all> option to the C<bcvi> command. This
option identifies hosts where an old version of bcvi is installed and re-runs
the C<--install> against those hosts to update the script and aliases.
+To get a list of all the hosts where C<bcvi> is installed, you can run:
+ bcvi --update-all=list
+To remove a host from the list, use:
+ bcvi --update-all=-hostname
Note: Although this plugin does hook into the C<--install> process, it does not
change the behaviour of that process. In particular it will B<not> block an
attempt to install the same version of bcvi as is already installed on a host.

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