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update docs to mention new --idle and --output modes on client

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@@ -1,5 +1,8 @@
Revision history for App-BCVI-NotifyDesktop
+1.01 2012-09-21
+ Update docs to mention new --idle and --output modes on client
1.00 2010-06-03
First version, uploaded to CPAN
12 plugins/NotifyDesktop/lib/App/BCVI/
@@ -40,6 +40,14 @@ Send a message which will be displayed as a notification on the user's desktop
(where the bcvi listener is running). Typically used with the
C<--no-path-xlate> option so that any arguments are passed as text strings
rather than as a list of filenames.
+The client side for this command (the 'bnotify' alias) also accepts C<--idle>
+and C<--output> options which cause it to fork a background process to monitor
+the current TTY and notify you of idle time (e.g. if a process is waiting for
+input), For more info see:
+ bcvi --plugin-help NotifyClient
@@ -72,6 +80,10 @@ You can look for information at:
=over 4
+=item * Source code
+L<> (under 'plugins')
=item * RT: CPAN's request tracker

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