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Broken POD TOC links (e.g.: File::Fetch)
When hovering, display dist/main/ns details in floating overlay
Get top uploaders this year/month/week from, RECENT-1M.json, RECENT-1W.json
Get ++ counts:,distribution&size=1
Drill down to see sub namespaces
Dist info: display namespace name + mass
Dist info: link to distribution page on metacpan (open in lightboxed iframe?)
Click to select - 'lock' selection (turn off hover handling) until the next click (leave a tooltip to explain?)
Support for touch devices
Plack app to serve content (and aggregate API queries)
Journey through CPAN (pause/play, faster, slower, rewind, loop)
Map image: hi-res version to include submerged masses
Map image: use opacity(?) to represent distribution freshness/age
Sightseeing ...
* Busiest maintainers
* Most depended-on modules
Implement map using canvas rather than image?
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