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  XML::Simple - Easy API to read/write XML (esp config files)


  XML::Simple requires a module capable of parsing XML - either XML::SAX or
  XML::Parser must be installed (if you're running ActivePerl, you'll
  already have XML::Parser installed).

  If you have installed XML::SAX, it will be used by default.  You should
  consider installing XML::SAX::Expat or XML::LibXML to replace the (slower)
  PurePerl parser from the XML::SAX distribution.

  To generate documents with namespaces, XML::NamespaceSupport is required.

  The optional caching features of XML::Simple also require

  Note: These prerequisites cannot be resolved automatically by
        since you must decide whether to use XML::Parser or XML::SAX.


  When you use XML::Simple, you may see this warning message:

    could not find ParserDetails.ini in C:/Perl/site/lib/XML/SAX

  This means your XML::SAX installation is broken (perhaps you installed
  version 0.10 from the ActiveState PPM repository).  Since it's broken 
  anyway, the simplest way to suppress these warnings is to remove

  The procedure for correctly installing the latest version of XML::SAX
  is documented here:


  Once the archive is unpacked, use these commands:

      perl Makefile.PL
      make test
      make install

  If for some reason, you can't run these commands, you can simple copy 
  the file to your lib/XML directory (where lives).

  If you want to test the module, but don't have 'make', try:

      perl maketest


  This version (2.04) is the current stable release.

  Please send any feedback to the author:

  - new 'GroupTags' option (patch from Michel Rodriguez)
  - optionally collapse 'content' hashes to scalars after folding
    (also from Michel)
  - new variable substitution facility via 'Variables' and 'VarAttr'
    options (Michel again)
  - new 'NormaliseSpace' option (suggested by Alex Manoussakis)
  - option names are no longer case-sensitive and can include '_'
  - XMLin() and XMLout() aliased to xml_in() and xml_out()

  New in Version 2.03
  - fixed circular reference check which was incorrectly catching
    'parallel' references (patch from Theo Lengyel)

  New in Version 2.02:
  - changed Storable calls to use locking

  New in Version 2.01:
  - fixed bug whereby :strict mode required forcearray on XMLout()

  New in Version 2.00:
  - First production release with SAX support
  - Added support for 'strict mode' to catch common mistakes
  - Removed locking code (as it was incompatible with iThreads)
  - POD updates
  - Added (updated) FAQ document to distribution

  See 'Changes' for a detailed history.

  See 'perldoc XML::Simple' for full documentation.

  See 'perldoc XML::Simple::FAQ' for frequently asked questions.


  Copyright 1999-2003 Grant McLean <>

  This library is free software; you can redistribute it
  and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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