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Haddock on Heroku

Haddock is a library for generating memorable passwords. Haddock on Heroku is a simple web frontend for Haddock, using the "2of12" word list from 12dicts.


Security Note

Haddock passwords are a compromise between security and memorability. In terms of offline cracking difficulty, they are less secure than a random character sequence of the same length, as might be generated by a password manager. For example, a 16-character Haddock password, if you know it's a Haddock password, is about as hard to crack as 7 random characters.

Despite their weaknesses I believe Haddock passwords are still useful in some scenarios, such as when using a password manager is impractical, or when you really want to avoid ever storing a password anywhere except your own memory. Just be aware of the trade-offs if you decide to use them.