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Clean up your comments on any SE site
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SE Comment Hoover

Run daily to clean up your comments on any SE site.


It expects 4 values to be injected as environment variables:

  • SE_NETWORK_SITE: The site to run against, like "stackoverflow".
  • KEY: The key generated when you register your app on StackApps.
  • ACCESS_TOKEN: The access token generated when you visit: ""
  • MS_BETWEEN_API_CALLS: The milliseconds between API calls. They say >30/sec is "very abusive", so I'd stick to 100ms or so...

If you're just going to run it locally, you could inject the values in the Main method:

Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("SE_NETWORK_SITE", "stackoverflow");
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("ACCESS_TOKEN", "abcDefGhIJklmnoPqr))");
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("KEY", "soMEKeyVaLUe((");
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("MS_BETWEEN_API_CALLS", "1000");
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