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alt presskit()

Is a free (both as in speech and as in beer) alternative to the excellent presskit()

Why make an alternative?

Rami is one of the busiest people on earth, and while presskit() is pretty great, it's not perfect. By making a new version, using open source and the accompanying collaboration methods I hope to make it even better. Since this project was started, the original presskit() has gone open source.

Pull requests are welcomed, but keep in mind the intent: Stay minimal and efficient. No bloat.

The idea is also to stay backwards compatible with the original, but this may change in the future.

Added features

  • Responsive layout
  • Pretty urls
  • Valid HTML5
  • Nice cropping of thumbnails

Examples runs on the latest checkout from github on the exact same data set as (which happens to be my guerilla branch of the original presskit())

Who made this?

To Do

  • Add 404 page for missing projects
  • Provide default templates for data.xml
  • Google Analytics
  • Fix link parsing
  • Make updating/installing easier
  • Deal with missing data.xml, images folder and so on
  • Integrate skeleton (not as submodule)
  • Look into updating of installations via github